Case Studies

Here are some examples of some recent projects.  These are just a few examples on how we can help you create unique video that fits with your brand and can be used in a variety of ways to garner customers, brand recognition, and an audience for what you do or provide.

Ramos Design Build

Video created to showcase the launch of the Bayshore Boulevard Project on Euclid in Tampa, FL.

United Cities was tasked by James Ramos to help relaunch his personal brand and boost his company's, Ramos Design Build, reach to a targeted audience.  The first step we did towards that helped host an event at his newest luxury project on historic Bayshore Blvd in Tampa, Florida.  The event took place on the 24th of April and had support pre and post event of on-air promotions, social media boosts, press releases and stories on our own sites as well as the Tampa Bay Business Journal.  Not to mention that the event entailed a one hour live broadcast of former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco's Radio Show.  This garnered community awareness as well as letting industry leaders and partners know what exciting things are in the works with Ramos Design Build. 

James Ramos' radio show 'Move With Me' airs Sundays 11a-Noon on 820AM WWBA in Tampa you can also stream it online at

James Ramos' radio show 'Move With Me' airs Sundays 11a-Noon on 820AM WWBA in Tampa you can also stream it online at

After the Success of the Bayshore Project launch, the next steps with James Ramos was to show his level of expertise as well as his thoughts on the industry.  James has a passion for his craft as well as the construction and design industry.  The way we did this was by launching his new radio show 'Move With Me' which runs Sundays on WWBA AM 820 in the Tampa Bay area as well as his podcast that can be heard on his new optimized site as well as iTunes. We've also created a plan to showcase his passion for acquiring the best materials, learning what new techniques are out there, and leading the industry in innovative ways through a series of videos produced for his company to utilize on many different platforms including social media.  




Moody Blues

United Cities received a call from the management team of legendary Rock band The Moody Blues. They needed a video shoot with green screen technology of band founder, drummer, songwriter and poet, Graeme Edge. The band is embarking on a 2017 several city concert tour. The video will be utilized in the show during the "Days of Futures Passed" tour. It was produced and edited at one of UCP's studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. In the 3 hour production, UCP provided everything needed to execute the successful shoot. The company is honored to be a part of the Moody Blues upcoming tour.

Overhead Doors

With Overhead Door we created a series of digital ads that ran on our sites as well as a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter that garnered them the results they were looking for.  The focus of this campaign was to not only showcase their brand but to also emphasize their involvement with USF Athletics.  We did this not only by highlighting their sponsorship status but by organizing a giveaway that brought fellow USF supporters to their establishment as well as promoted their sponsored team

additional examples

Here are some examples of video content that marketers and clients are using produced through our film house.

Florida Medical Clinic

Florida Medical Clinic

Florida Medical Clinic