Content Marketing

Native advertising, lean advertising, podcasts, digital video and other forms of content have proven to be hugely successful marketing tools for businesses all across the country.   Let our team of content experts help give you a hand up in the digital age. Our will professionally produce your content for all mediums in digital, video, and radio.   



Copywriting, Blogs, and Public Relations

The lifeblood of an organization depends on its ability to connect and engage with their audience.  We work with our customers to understand, map, and improve their content to drive emotional connections.  Our collection of award-winning writers are ready to create blogs, articles, white papers, or website copy to drive your brand. 



Looking to drive awareness, extend your brand, or explain a complicated message – then video is the best choice!   Our team of video experts will work with you to generate segment ideas, produce video, edit shows, and syndicate messages across digital and traditional channels. 


Audio has always been a big part of the media landscape!   While we push towards new ways to connect with consumers, radio advertising and podcasts are effective options to connect with customers.    If you are interested in “talking shop” across the digital airwaves let us help —recorded at your convenience and produced by our expert staff. 


“Like us on Facebook.”   “Follow us on Twitter.”  "Follow us on Instagram."  Social media has transformed the advertising and brand management world. It’s all about engagement and how sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a must for companies of all sizes.   Let us help you build and maintain your social media presence. Our experts can give you the latest industry tips and tricks to keep your consumers connected while building up your base.



In the current connected economy, social experts drive huge followings via blogs, video, and social media.  United Cities Productions creates relationships with personalities that command a targeted following.  We leverage the creativity and reach of these influencers to help our customers drive ROI.  



Have great content, but need to get it to your audience?  At UnitedCities Productions, we have created proprietary syndication channels to get your content in front of the right people. We have multi-platform opportunities that include web publications, radio affiliates, specialized brands, and partners. We can ensure that your brand is marketed to a wide audience or to a more narrow target depending on your strategy.