Distribution Services

Need a place to market your content? At United Cities, we have that covered. By working with our partner Genesis Communications, we have a multi-platform opportunity that includes web publications, our radio affiliates as well as specialized brands and partners. We will ensure that your brand is marketed to a wide encompassing audience or to a more narrow audience depending on your preference. 

Paid Advertisement

  •  Pre-Roll Video
  •  Banner Advertising
  •  Remarketing  Campaign
  •  Radio Commercial
  •  Feature / Spec Spot


content marketing.jpg

Content Marketing

  • Sponsored Content 
  • Native Content
  •  Native Social
  •  Live Broadcast - Sineage,  Product  Placement,  Brochure
  •  Paid Interview



General Services  

  •  Radio Syndication
  •  Studio Time
  •  Strategy and  Reporting