Creator Services

  United Cities Productions prides itself on bringing together some of the most brilliant minds in content production and syndication.  We provide our network of creators with services that make ensure success while maximizing value.

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Do you create great content, have a dedicated following, and just can’t seem to monetize it?    UCP works with creators to define monetization strategies, negotiate the highest advertising rates, and broker directly to brand content creation opportunities.  Our experience crosses a variety of industries and content uses including sports, news, and entertainment.

Brand Representation

The best way to monetize content and reach is to create it for the brands that want access to your followers.  At UCP we represent creators and match them with advertisers that are looking to improve their brand and open new doors.  

Peer Round tables

Need access to a collection of content producers for feedback on a new project, ideas on how to increase syndication or input on how to best monetize the content across the digital realm?  At UCP we host monthly peer roundtables and quarterly educational sessions that provide information from industry experts.



One of the most popular benefits of joining a multi-channel network is the ability to collaborate with other creators, execute joint projects, and build followers across channels.  Increasing traffic across our collection of creators help to increase the relevancy of UCP and gets the creators access to better advertising deals.


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Do you need professional studio space, industry leading production equipment, and access to creative minds?  UCP provides its network of content creators access to its studios located in Tampa, FL.    Our studio can be used on a drop-in basis or lease agreement can be made for our creators to have permanent office space within the studio workspace.